Resilient diplomacy


September 17

Camels are yelling into my apartment and it sounds like this::

Look what we’re doing to you. Look how small your genitals are. We’re making you well. We’re installing a homulculus in you so you can hear yourself think. You think we’re so dumb. You say we’re blocking your thinking. You just think you are so smart.

Let us have our way or we will kill you. We will go back into Afghanistan. Pakistan, Iran and Uzbek who think if they provide low level resistance they can avoid the mega-death effects of a nuclear war.

We want you to fight the Navy for us. We’re the FBI and the Navy thinks they are so smart. You didn’t really want to have an ROTC scholarship or you would have asked the Navy if they had forgotten you. If you think this is the tip of an iceberg then you are pretending to be mentally ill. We’re going to make you well.

Is it hot in your apartment? Does it smell like cigar smoke and burning tires in your apartment? You had better let us win. You are all by yourself. Those people you can hear who like your poetry aren’t helping you. We’re your only.

We’re the FBI – we’re better than Interpol. We’re banning the Interpol from the United States. We’re helping NPR and John Kerry slow walk the climate accords and peace in the Middle East so we can soak up a one hundred trillion dollar oil war chest to put us in power forever.

It’s not true the Liberals in Toronto are calling talk radio and saying that Erin O’Toole is Canada’s Larry Elder. We’re going to ban Interpol and the United Nations and the EU in Canada – even in the Quebec Maritimes.

Your wife is pretty so we get her. There are pretty ladies at your place so we are switching ladies with you. Your kids are sh*t for trying to help you by writing websites.

F you! You are just making that stuff up. We’re still talking to you below the threshold of hearing and making you have day dreams to straighten out your attempt to pretend to not want to be locked in with the mentally ill which is your real objective.


Early September 19


There’s really not much to writing poetry.  People who work with their hands are a lot more talented.

And on and on.


You mean that if I am not seeking your approval then I am suffering delusions of grandeur.  You are a lot less likely to happen to someone if he or she is in God’s country.  Do you think you can induce psychosis in me by walking me through mental wars?


September 23


You’re not supposed to hear this. This is supposed to be below the threshold of hearing for your subconscious.

We’re playing square wave signals at the same time to make it difficult to think while we’re making a Manchurian candidate out of you.

Get angry. Get angry. We want you to be angry when we talk about sex so you will adopt angry sex as your modus operandi. Sex. Sex. Angry. Your mother. Your mother. Think about your mother and sex. Sex. Angry. Angry.

Remember when we yelled at you in Madison while you were taking a shower and you made fun of us? Angry. Angry. Have angry sex!!!!

How would you like more aerosol? More heat aerosol. More cigar smoke and burning rubber smoke aerosol. More white noise aerosol. More aerosol to flush out the serotonin from your brain so you will seem to be confused. No more St. John’s wort help with the aerosols.


I suppose you have been telling the guys that I’m your woman again.

Did you hear about the conversation the flea overheard between the masochist and the sadist? The masochist told the sadist “No, no no!” The sadist replied “No, no, no!!!!”

What think tank were you studying in when you hit upon the notion that resilient diplomacy was the way to defeat a resilient democracy?


October 5


You have been violating laws on Massachusetts books from the Pilgrims in the 1600’s. You are a sexual deviant. You need to be worked on.


You mean the wives of Massachusetts perverts have been offering my wife money to service their husbands now that they are older and my Michelle will not enter into such agreements. You are hoping that your treatment of me by carpetbaggers will frighten my Michelle into cooperating with you.

Neither myself or my sons and their grandfather would ever cooperate with you either.


October 8


I see in the media that a Catholic Father is accused of hearing reports of child molesting and refuses to say who it was that made the report. So you are punishing the Father by accusing him of child molesting. If I had reported someone for child molesting (or even just rumors) I would be accused of being mentally ill again by NPR and John Kerry. “See Steve? What’s he doing? Give us a call so we can make asides to the hospitals.”

I would trust the Church to be a buffer with the law rather than the media.


“I guess we will have to start over again.”


You have researched me to the n’th degree. When I lived in Bangor you accused me of molesting a baby girl when I was baby sitting in the early 60’s in Federal Way Washington. The little girl had filled her diaper and I changed her while her older brother watched.


October 9


We’re going to move over. You’re making it tough for us. You said you didn’t want us to be able to see your poetry.


You’re the reason no one has been able to see my websites in the various cities in which I have lived and had a website.

Michelle wishes for me to publish my poetry. She tells me she has copies of the original versions of all of my poems which she has tried to send to me several times.

My poetry is owned by INK Smudges Family Foundation and the family is in charge of it. Michelle knows I would be happy for her to publish us and her friends are urging her to do so.


October 14


We’re the police. You need to have your sex shut down until the change happens. You’re a spoil sport. All we have been doing is teasing you. You need to work below your level for little money. We’re going to pass you on the next police department now. Move!!! We’re not going to talk to you. We’re going to continue to do this to you. You don’t get a lawyer that would actually represent you. You’re just like your father. He was a spoil sport too. All these drugs are just to suppress your sex until you can think clearly. You still think being a radio outlaw is better than being a Navy officer. You weren’t good enough and we’re going to make an example out of you. Your family doesn’t get to have the Church or Interpol.


You’re a misogynist!


October 17

Female camel:

My workstation is a lot faster than your 5000 series CPU. I have the Xeon version of an i7-11700. I can hit your workstation anytime I wish.


My sons told me they thought your terr cell had Fujitsu ARM CPU’s that were behind IBM workstations that were connected directly to the Internet trunk lines. Those are really, really expensive.



We’re breaking and entering your mind. You didn’t have your mother or sister in your subconscious so we are spraying you with aerosols and telling you below the threshold of hearing to imagine your mother and sister naked and so forth. We are always reminding you of the prettier girls in your high school to try to piggy back into your mind.


It’s nice of you to admit that.