“When free men have been milling about…

The Truth can match wits with anyone!



[[How do  you like the header picture?  They told me not to spiral down.]]

As you can see by the name on my website in a month or so I intend to change the address of my website to http://www.freefall.express.

You might be wondering where ‘Irony and Absurdity’ went.  My Megan Marie is drawing a cartoon called “Irony Loves Absurdity.”

Megan Marie and her mother Michelle are maintaining websites named “Ink Smudges” and “Blue Thursday.” Megan Marie publishes her cartoons with her mother Michelle on Blue Thursday (jeudibleu in French) the Quebec Faith and Writers Guild has offered them admission. Megan Marie assists her mother Michelle who is a Deaconess conduct homily Mass on Saturday mornings.

Megan Marie’s grandmother is a PhD psychologist and a really nice lady.  Megan Marie hopes to be a psychologist someday and hopes to write about the things she has witnessed happening to her father.

[Megan Marie (flute), Steven Matthew (clarinet) and Lynn Robert (piano) are an accomplished jazz band I might add.]

My Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert chase the bandits that try to hit my computer.  They are maintaining a website named “Tech Support Consultants” — your http://www.internetpartners.ca. [[ My sons have started another website as well – http://www.nightdesk.qc. They intend to present features of interesting news such as comes into a news media throughout the night, opinion and humor [[ like their column “gun check.” ]] ]] My Lynn Robert is 15 and his brother Steven Matthew is 13.  They have been reading professional documentation for several years already.  Mother Michelle’s friends have a computer services company and they advocate ECC memory for your equipment especially on the Internet.  My RAM is ‘errorless memory,’ most workstation video cards by AMD are HBM2 ‘errorless memory’ as well as my vpn Routerboard and Aquantia ethernet.  ECC memory is effective but errorless memory is as fast as non-ECC memory. They have everything optimized and they catch “snowballs” from someone trying to hit my computer which they analyze.  They are junior Interpol Internet security agents already and Interpol has legal suits against a couple of groups. They are accomplished at programming in Qt to which Linux is being converted.  When I get updates now frequently they are written in Qt5. Most Unix OS’s which are used on the Internet are written in C programming language.

I am sitting around and daydreaming about poems I will write someday.

While I have been daydreaming Michelle and her sidekick Megan Marie have won recognition from the Church for a Christian spirited poem they have written.  Our family foundation INK Smudges Family Foundation has won recognition for the websites they are sponsoring and in which they are publishing.  Thanks guys – you’re great.

So Star Trek is a huge world-wide phenomena.  I have some nominees for shows and movies that are a lot more plausible which I hope to add to my collection as well over the next year – “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Wild, Wild West” and “The Avengers.”

Watermark [Enya]

Moonlight in Vermont [Billie Holiday]

The Circle Game [Joni Mitchell]

Nordic Solo Flute [Gunilla von Bahr]

Chain Lightning [Rush]

Faith [Celine Dion]

@INK Smudges

Is this the perpetual revolution?

Did our Lord Jesus give His disciples and us an infallible path to see the truth whatever deception might be presenting?

Touch that……

The perpetual revolution is here
And it has been here
For the two thousand years
Since Lord Jesus and His disciples
Invented love and Christian discipline.
After all these years
Still more technology is abused
To test our faith and good will.
Every generation faces the difficult anew
As their resolve is just sport
Of those claiming the only right to exclaim.
Does the debate begin again
Or are we faced with tests
That have no answers
As well as only incorrect answers.
In my own home I am only told
I am living in a hospital room
Until I take the blame
And my friends and family take the blame
For yet another class action suit –
The new high tech designed to subjugate.
Lord Jesus walked many miles
To deliver the path to grace
While He and His disciples smiled.
As we find our way to deliver our smiles
We must strengthen our subconscious
So that we may teach our Lord’s parables
In our own clear voices.
We may worry that the truth is hidden
But we can be sure Lord Jesus’ love
Will save us from serving deception.

(Touch That)





@INK Smudges

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