“When free men have been milling about…

The Truth can match wits with anyone!



[[How do  you like the header picture?  They told me not to spiral down.]]

As you can see by the name on my website in a month or so I intend to change the address of my website to http://www.freefall.express.

You might be wondering where ‘Irony and Absurdity’ went.  My Megan Marie is drawing a cartoon called “Irony Loves Absurdity.”

Megan Marie and her mother Michelle are maintaining websites named “Ink Smudges” and “Blue Thursday.” Megan Marie publishes her cartoons with her mother Michelle on Blue Thursday (jeudibleu in French) the Quebec Faith and Writers Guild has offered them admission. Megan Marie assists her mother Michelle who is a Deaconess conduct homily Mass on Saturday mornings.

Megan Marie’s grandmother is a PhD psychologist and a really nice lady.  Megan Marie hopes to be a psychologist someday and hopes to write about the things she has witnessed happening to her father.

[Megan Marie (flute), Steven Matthew (clarinet) and Lynn Robert (piano) are an accomplished jazz band I might add.]

My Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert chase the bandits that try to hit my computer.  They are maintaining a website named “Tech Support Consultants.” My Lynn Robert is 15 and his brother Steven Matthew is 13.  They have been reading professional documentation for several years already.  Mother Michelle’s friends have a computer services company and they advocate ECC memory for your equipment especially on the Internet.  My RAM is ECC, most workstation video cards by AMD are ECC memory and the Realtek 8117 has ECC memory as well as my  vpn Routerboard.  They have everything optimized and they catch “snowballs” from someone trying to hit my computer which they analyze.  They are junior Interpol Internet security agents already and Interpol has legal suits against a couple of groups. They are accomplished at programming in Qt to which Linux is being converted.  When I get updates now frequently they are written in Qt5. Most Unix OS’s which are used on the Internet are written in C programming language.

I am sitting around and daydreaming about poems I will write someday.

Watermark [Enya]

Moonlight in Vermont [Billie Holiday]

The Circle Game [Joni Mitchell]

Nordic Solo Flute [Gunilla von Bahr]

Chain Lightning [Rush]

Faith [Celine Dion]

@INK Smudges

So I have a practice piece for you because you have stayed with me while I get in shape again.

In the days of old
Before the days of yore
Men stood on the seashore.
They dreamed of stars
While wishing they could become astronomers.
These men were ever so clever
Building celestial observatories
From centuries of record keeping
Which predicted returning seasons
Based on their scientific reasoning.
Whose military medical orderlies
Kept the best records for long centuries
Before they were armed with slings
And bronze bows with cat gut strings.
I seem to have had so much trouble
Several thousands of years later
Following in their foot steps
As civilization raced across the steppes
Before landing on the moon.
Advancing technological prowess
Is still with us while our best
Spend their time at  universities
Studying man’s inhumanity to man.
Why do you treat me so
I would like to know
Yelling at me your strident tune
As I sit quietly in my room
Touring the world on the Internet.
I was not born yesterday
But I hear you much better
Since ‘ringleader’ you said.





@INK Smudges

(I don’t know where the photo comes from so shhhhh!)